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Assortment of Examples for VFP 5.0, VFP 3.0 (GE Capital Consulting)

Builders (David Frankenbach)
Builders are utility programs that work on objects in the Form and Class Designers. They can be anything from a simple property manipulators to complex object setup utilities.

Create and Use Visual C++ DLL from Visual Foxpro

Spyin (David Frankenbach)

OLE Automation Excel, IE4, Word, Registry, MAPI, Powerpoint, etc. (John Harvey)

ResetDef  PEM Status Example that resets property values to default.
This little builder will examine each selected object and compare it's current property values to the value it is inheriting from it's ParentClass definition. If the values are the same, i.e. overridden with the value it would be inheriting, the property is ResetToDefault. Please note there is a minor bug in the GETPEM() function which prevents it from detecting all of the same value overridden properties, for example it can not detect the PageFrame class Height and Width properties.

Visual FoxPro (David Frankenbach)
This site hosts tips, samples and utilities to aid Visual FoxPro programmers.

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