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Universal Thread - Visual FoxPro Zone
The Universal Thread is proud to host the Visual FoxPro Zone. From the Toledo Wish List to World Wide Visual FoxPro applications including specific Who's going lists for specific events, this section of the Universal Thread is gathering additional VFP related data for specific needs.

Binary Functions (Abri Technologies)

ENFORCER (for Object Naming Conventions) (Optimized Data Solutions)

MSGSVC  Generic OO Dialog Box (Steven Black)

ReFox Decompiler (Xitech)
ReFox 8.0 is an easy to use utility for viewing and restoring source code from FoxBASE+, FoxPro 1.x, FoxPro 2.x and for Visual FoxPro 3.0, 5.0 & 6.0 executables or compiled modules. ReFox is invaluable in situations where the source code is lost or damaged or if it is uncertain that the source code matches the compiled application. ReFox also provides a mechanism for protecting FoxPro 2.x and Visual FoxPro applications from unwanted decompilation.

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