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Design Pattern Hook Operations (Steven Black)
In this article, I'll introduce a new design pattern called Hook Operations, which defines mechanisms to make software flexible and extendible. This is the first Design Pattern I've ever created from scratch, so I welcome any comments or questions you may have about it.
All software design patterns are born from the need for flexibility. But few patterns explicitly address the issue of how to make software extensible or configurable downstream or at run-time. Furthermore, the more a framework or component is reused, the more clients it serves (by definition) and the greater is the stress on it to adapt. Hook Operations are a way of adapting frameworks or components without stressing them unduly.

Design Pattern Bridge (Steven Black)

Design Pattern Decorator (Steven Black)
A decorator wrapper (I'll just call it Decorator) is an elegant OOP technique that can be handy in a wide variety of situations. In particular, the Decorator pattern is useful for extending the functionality of a class without polluting (or even needing) the original source...

Design Pattern Mediator (Steven Black)
A Mediator object is a form of Observer that abstracts inter-workings of two or more objects. They are communication hubs that serve to decouple objects — objects don’t need to know about each other, they just need to know their Mediator. Mediator promotes loose coupling by keeping objects from referencing to each other explicitly, and lets you vary their interaction independently...

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