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Разработка баз данных

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Разработка баз данных
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An Introduction to Client-Server Development in Visual FoxPro (Scot Becker)
In this article, I will explore the many facets of client-server development with Visual Foxpro. Please note, this article was written under the assumption that not many significant changes or enhancements were made to the Client-Server structure of Visual FoxPro version 5.0. Obviously, this article will leave out many complexities that come with programming on a server. I will try to cover the basics, and leave the reader to further explore this development technique as his/her situation merits. I will use Visual FoxPro version 3.x and Microsoft’s SQL Server version 6.x for all of my examples. However, most of these examples can be easily transposed to whatever server platform you have.

Data Modeling, the OOP Paradigm Continues (Scot Becker)

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